Pure, Organic Skincare for your face

Smooth, soft, firm skin, radiant with vitality, feels wonderful to the touch and uplifting for the soul. Formulated for different skin types and conditions, from irregular skin tone to dryness and wrinkles, Saaf skin care range uses potent blends of botanicals to help soothe, nourish, refine and protect. The balms and oils are richly indulgent to use and are quickly absorbed. They leave no oily residue, just a smooth, soft radiance.

Containing none of the common skin allergens, Saaf's range of Natural Organic Face Care products can be used by all skin-types, even the most sensitive skin.

The best place to start is with our Organic Pure Face Cleanser & Exfoliating Cloth, this will gently remove all of the days pollution and make-up, literally melting off even the most heaviest of eye make-up, leaving the skin fresh, polished and sparkling clean. The Pure Face Cleanser has such wonderful hydrating properties that there is no need for a separate moisturiser.

Follow the Cleanser and perfect your skin with either Complexion Boosting Face Serum (if you have oily, spot prone, acne scarred or combination skin) or Ultimate Moisture Face Serum (if you have more mature, dry or rosacea prone skin) for a perfectly simple two-step face care regime. 


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