Pure, Organic Skincare for your whole body 

Saaf is very much a whole body experience. From your hair to the tips of your toes, our products will lavish you with powerfully revitalising, smoothing and balancing natural blends.  Whether you simply want to pamper your skin so it feels smooth, firm and beautiful, or aid dryness, irritations, scarring or lines, Saaf is indulgently rich and utterly effective, using 100% naturally derived ingredients, scientifically formulated to harness the healing and restorative power of nature.

If you have dry, thirsty or flaky skin, anywhere on your body, that needs rehydrating, soothing and repairing then Super Hydrating Body Balm is a great place to start. Deliciously scented it can also help promote relaxation. A pampering treat!

Eraser Body Oil further helps to nourish and improve the appearance of the skin in areas that have been affected by scarring, stretch marks or uneven pigmentation. Also great to help prevent the development of stretch marks during pregnancy. 

Hidden away in socks & shoes for most of the year, your feet can sometimes be forgotten. Our Foot Softening Balm is intensively hydrating, acting as a foot food, to quickly whip your dry, hardened skin in to the best shape. Also great for calming itchy or irritated feet.

Enriching Hair Oil does just what it says on the bottle. Suitable for all hair types, it enriches, nourishes, strengthens and smoothes, helping to give body to the finest flyaway hair. Also great for calming dry and itchy scalp conditions.


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